EMG is the key technology for healthy performance

The myoact app uses EMG analysis to detect which muscles are insufficiently activated and whether there are muscular imbalances or asymmetries. Data analysis, reporting and the recommendation of corrective exercises are delivered automatically.
In under 3 minutes, sport medics, physiotherapists and personal trainers receive a complete muscle analysis to support their diagnosis, therapy or training.

EMG as an effective tool for analysis, communication and motivation

myoact makes a key technology from professional sports accessible to patients. Seeing one’s own muscle activity objectively offers patients the opportunity to better understand the causes of pain and to internalize the goals of corrective exercises. The result is greater acceptance of the therapy instructions and increased self-motivation.

We promise success through simple handling

The myoact app guides the doctor, therapist or trainer through predefined mapping exercises and enables a standardized muscle analysis in less than 3 minutes. Reports are generated automatically and can be communicated directly with the client via the balance score, or sent by email from the app. In addition to video instructions for error-free handling, exercise suggestions for individual biofeedback training sessions are also available.

Philipp Piroth und Simon Roth halten einen Vortrag über EMG im Leistungs und Profisport.

Who we are

  • EMG spezialists from the very beginning
  • Sought-after partners in professional and competitive sports
  • Proven process through 50.000+ measurements
  • Analysis app optimized for fast handling
  • Measurable success with patients and athletes

Our goal:
The best EMG overall package for you.

In 3 steps to your first EMG session


Book your expert talk

In a non-binding conversation, we will clarify all your questions about the rapid integration of EMG.


Receive your license

You will learn all the basics of Level 1 in the video course or at the next live workshop.


Turn on app + sensors 

Connect the Bluetooth sensors to the myoact app and start your first guided mapping.

Added value for experts and high satisfaction rates with clients

Die Anlage der EMG Sensoren erfolgt schnell und einfach mithilfe der Klebeelektroden.
Easy to use in therapy and training

Infographics and video instructions are integrated in the app and guarantee error-free use and correct placement of the sensors.

Standardized analysis sequences

The myoact app offers guided mappings for all muscle groups that can be derived and can thus illustrate muscle function in less than 3 minutes.

Ein myoact Mapping folgt einem vordefinierten Übungsablauf um eine standardisierte Muskelanalyse zu ermöglichen.
Support for your therapy approaches

Measuring muscle activity during movement reveals imbalances and asymmetries that can only be communicated using EMG imaging.

Objectified communication

Analysis results and the balance score are generated automatically and can be evaluated directly with the patient or sent by email.

Trainer und Athlet diskutieren den myoact Mapping Report als Gesamtauswertung in der History Funktion der myoact App.
myoact erleichtert die Kommunikation zwischen Trainer und Athlet, da zum Beispiel die Auswirkungen der korrekten Übungsausführung visuell kommuniziert werden kann.
Exercise instructions for direct help

In addition to the analysis, clients also receive exercise instructions for independently optimizing their muscular control abilities.

Visualize treatment success 

Biofeedback has intuitive learning effects for the patient, increases motivation and is particularly suitable for showing treatment successes in repeated tests.

Im Biofeedback Training wird dem Athlet seine Echtzeit Muskelaktivität auf dem Tablet gezeigt.

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